Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Royal Baby - IT'S A BOY


Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby - IT'S A BOY


Like most people, I've been obsessed over William & Kate's baby. I've been waiting for the baby to be born, and today I read that Kate was in labor, I went for a walk with Nahla at around 4:30 PM, Rio De Janeiro time zone, and when I got back I passed through a hotel, right next to my building, and I heard the the security guard telling the doorman the Royal Couple had had their baby, and it was a boy. I rushed back home just to read the news. It's exciting, I don't know why, it just is lol
I simply HAD to do my nails with a "It's a boy theme!", and here's what it looks like :)
A little fact I've hidden from the pictures with photoshop, the little foot? PACKED WITH BUBBLES. It's annoying and my bottles of Seche Vite must get here NOW! I decided to hide the bubbles cause no one needs to see them.

Polishes Used:
A England Tristam - 1 coat
Hard Candy Sky - 3 coats
Risquè  Branco Purissimo
Colorama Preto Gráfico Fosco
Base Coat and Top Coat:
Base Coat: Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle
Top Coat: Icing Diamond Shield

*Artificial light, if not I’ll let you know.*