Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: June 2013


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dots And A Heart

Hey loves ♥

PLEASE, pay attention to every little flaw in this mani. Not really, I'm being sarcastic, and I'm pissed!
I absolutely LOVE the way this mani looks, but like the previous post, my camera shows every single flaw!
I knew the heart wasn't really perfect, not by a long shot, but I still love it. I also love the dots I made, and the combo looks great. BUT as usual, my damn top coat cause a billion bubbles, again. And my pictures show it all.
To be honest, took me a long time to make this mani, not because it takes time, but because I couldn't decide what I wanted, I tried a lot of things, including some other nail arts, but I just wasn't happy. I tried this butterfly thing, with the same colors I'm using for this one, and when I was remaking my butterfly, cause the top coat messed it up, I made a heart, for the wings, but I decided to keep the heart, instead of making the butterfly.
I used Illamasqua Jo'Mina (♥), China Glaze For Audrey, Colorama Pétala Branca and Risquè Preto Fosco.
Because I don't have a dotting tool I used a hair clip thing, just click here to see how it looks. And it works great, so if you don't have a dotting tool that's an idea. And for the heart I used a brush and this tiny dotting tool, I know I said I didn't have any, but I bought this set of nail art brushes, and it comes with a tiny dotting tool. I made a black heart first, and then I filled it with Jo'Mina, and later I made a small line in the heat, with the tiny dotting tool.
BTW here goes a little tip, make the heart with the color you want, and then make the black line around it, I'll try that next time!

Friday, June 28, 2013

NOTD: Green Owl Nail Art ♥

Hey ♥♥

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm in exam week, so I've been very busy. But today was the last day, so I had some time off, after I got back from my LONG, LONG walk with my Nahla.
And here's a quick picture of her in her walk today. I usually take her to Arpoador Beach, and today I decided to go to the rock with her, we call it Pedra Do Arpoador, and the view is great.

The picture is not very good, she can't stay still for too long! :)

Back to my NOTD. I'm gonna start saying I'm very proud of this nail art. My pictures are a bit too good for my taste on this one. When you look at it at naked eye, you can't see any bubbles, but look at my pictures and you see a billion bubbles, but that's just the top coat's fault. I used Sally Hansen InstaDry, and it doesn't work very well with me, I don't know why :(
I'm using Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment base Coat, the reason I'm telling you this is because I did my owl over two coats of it, no other polish. My other nails are painted with Andreia number 3, no name. Andreia is a Portuguese brand, and I got it from a swap.In my owl I used Revlon Posh, Andreia 3, and for the eye and it's little nose I had to mix a few polishes.
I googled "Owl NailArt" to see a few of those and find one to make it myself, an easy one. I got the idea from this post here. The blog's owner is Cristina, and the blog's name is Let Them Have Polish!, and her blog is freaking amazing, I'm completely in love with it.
Anyway, for the ails I used the Andreia, I used 2 coats, the first one was a bit tricky, but the second one made it all better.

This is an iPhone 5 picture, not very good, but it's basically how I see it.

I really am very proud of it, and because it took me over an hour to make this, which I was very careful when doing it, cause I really wanted it to look great, I plan to keep it on for a few days, but I do have a post already planned, which I did a little while ago. But because I was so busy I was always forgetting.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A England Order Of The Garter And Stamping ♥ (FREAKING PERFECT ♥) it's a big post and picture heavy!

Hey loves ♥

How is everyone doing?
Just let me begin with my dog. It's been a while since I've posted a picture of Nahla in here. She's finally walking on the street, she took the shots she needed to be able to. And she's freaking adorable ♥ She gets all excited, and wants to play with everyone. And no one cares when she jumps on them, they always play with her. But because she's just a puppy, and only 4 months old, and not used to other dogs yet, she gets a bit scared, she gets close to other dogs, but jumps when they get closer to her, it's very funny. But she's starting to get used to other dogs, very slowly. She goes after them when they have their backs to her, when they turn she jumps lol
She's growing VERY fast, here's a picture of her:

If you have a dog, leave a picture, tell me about it. I'll absolutely LOVE to hear about it. Or any other pets.

Now to my nails.

The other day I decided to put Order Of The Garter from A England on again. The first time I did I just couldn't capture it right, and I was still using my old camera back then. But since I have a great new camera, I was VERY happy to see that capturing it was not a problem. 
OOTG is one of my favorite polishes ever, it's on my TOP 5. It's blue (♥) and it has blue shimmer (♥), and I'm a sucker for blue polishes and polishes with shimmer. I used two coats of OOTG. And I stamped over it with Konad plate M63.

Tip Top Nail Polish Review

Hello ♥♥♥

I put this post on the top of the list because it's long overdue.
I've been trying to take decent pictures of these polishes for a long time. But I wasn't being able to capture the true colors, or adjust it properly on PhotoShop. About a week ago I found some new settings on my camera, which is what I was missing to take color accurate pictures.
Tip Top is a South African polish brand.
Tip Top sent me four polishes, a base coat and a top coat for review.
The polishes are very pretty, I was in love from the moment I opened the package.
I used two coats for each of them, followed by one coat of Tip Top's top coat.
The formula on the polishes was great, no issue. The base coat was also great, and I have just a little bit left. But here's the thing about their top coat, it works great with the Tip Top polishes, but not so great with other polishes. It dried super fast with my TT polishes, but it would take forever to dry with my other polishes. Which is a shame because it's very shinny!

Let's start with Pot-O-Berries: It's a dark jelly berry pink.

Sitting Pretty: It's a neon pink. A beautiful one. I actually wouldn't call it a neon, but it's such a bright pink. It's very shinny, and it doesn't dry matte like most neons. I don't know what to call it, help me out here hahah

Furfer Girl: My favorite of the four I was sent. SG is a pretty purple with lilac/pink shimmer. Formula was a dream!! This was the polish I was having more problems to capture its true color, but good news, I did ♥

And at last, but not least Cha Cha Cha: The perfect mint green. I actually have it on right now. Unlike most mint greens, this one's formula was great, and not tricky.

The polishes are fantastic, and so are the colors.
You can check Tip Top's facebook page in here.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Panvel Congo, No Skittlette I Promise :)

Hello ♥

No Skittlette today. Congo is one of the prettiest polishes I have ever worn. This one is actually a matte polish, but I like it better when it's shinny. It's almost a holo, but it's not. You can see what I'm talking about by looking at the picture.
Two coats, and one thin coat of Seche.

Freaking perfect, right??

Pink Skittlette Nails, This Is So Much Fun ♥

Hey ♥

You can imagine for the amount of Skittlette manis I have been doing that I'm loving it, right??
This one I didn't love, I liked it, but didn't love. I used OPI DS Extravagance and OPI Steady As She Rose.
That little blig is from a kit of nail art I bought a little while ago from Impala. I wasn't sure I would ever get to use it, but that has changed, I'm excited about it now.
I just wish my index finger nail would grow already :(