Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: August 2013


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Puppy Post ♥♥♥


Hello my dears! How is everyone doing? The past few days I've been letting Nahla walk and run around without her leash, so she can play with other dogs, and not feel like she has done something wrong and that's why she's on the leash. And boy she's happy about it! She runs, and she plays, and she has a HUGE smile on her face every time she looks at me when she has no leash on. So here are a few pictures I took yesterday:

She's being chased by a Golden Retriever;

And now she's the one chasing another dog lol!

Nahla & Pipa, I have NO idea what the hell they're looking at hahaha

She loves the sand!

See the smile?!
She looks so happy, right?! Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Not to mention she obeys more when she doesn't have her leash on than with it...
A couple of days ago Nahla decided to scare me to death! After we walked out of the elevator, I always take her leash off of her, she decided she wasn't gonna get inside the apartment... She was right next to me one second, the next she was gonna! So there I was, worried sick, going up and down the stairs trying to find her. There are 8 floors on my building, the first floor is the lobby, and the last one is the roof (door always locked!!), I live in the sixth and went to the seventh, paying attention to the sounds, no sign of her. So I went down the stairs looking for her, couldn't find her, went to the garage, which she loves, no sign of her either. So I went up through the stairs, to the second floor, cause there's a dog there she loves, no sign, I caught the elevator and went to the third floor, no sign, but I heard Nahla crying, got right back to the elevator and back to my floor I went... When I get there Nahla is crying in front of my apartment's door.. When I opened the elevator door she came running to me and crying. I'm sorry, but I ignored her, talked a lot, telling her how bad she had been, I mean, I was pissed because of the scare she gave me, but after 10 minutes I grabbed her, cuddled with her, and she wouldn't stop licking my face. I guess she learned her lesson after she couldn't get in the apartment  or find me!
Anyway, I just hope she never does that again, I might just have a heart attack at only 19 years old...
Tell me your crazy dog stories! ♥

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OPI DS Mystery ♥


Before I talk about my nail, let me tell you about the new leash I bought for Nahla. And it's my new love. It's from Zee.Dog, a brazilian brand, but it sells on the US and Mexico too. The leash I bought absorbs the shock from when your dog pulls suddenly, and even normally! I used to almost fall every time she pulled me, and I had to walk faster because she would pulls me, guess what?! NO MORE! It actually works, check it out, see if you can find it, and if it's affordable!

This is their ruff promo!

Guys, this polish is perfection!
DS Mystery has golden flecks in a purple base, but the thing about the flecks is that the flecks also show a bit of purple! This is pure love, really!
Two coats a one of seche!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sparkly Glitter! ♥


Before I get to my nails, I've ran into some trouble with my camera USB cable, I broke it... I bought a new one yesterday and it has been shipped already, but God knows when it will get here, and the memory card thingy to put on the PC broke, I have no idea how, but I just can't put my memory card on the damn thing. I have to put the card on my old phone, connect to the computer so I can get the pictures... It's annoying, but I'm making it work, for now.
To my nails. I was decided to wear my Barry M Green Glitter. I bought it ages ago, but have never used it before cause I didn't have the right base color, but a while ago I bought Revlon Emerald.
Emerald has great formula, and it's VERY pigmented, so one thin coat was more than enough. Layered Green Glitter over it, and applied two coats of seche vite. It's a bit gritty, to be 100% smooth it's necessary 2 coats.

This is such a pretty glitter! ♥

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jeans & Holo


Initially I was gonna make a post about Colorama Jeans, an old polish from Colorama, pretty color, but a bit too common. I ended up layering Samantha over my pinkie, index and thumb & stamped over Jeans on the other two finger nails. Again, this is super simple, and VERY subtle, the stamp barely shows.
Jeans formula was just fine, first coat I thought I would need 3-4, but the second made it all better!
I used a Konad plate, m57.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Nail Care Routine.


My nails are super stained, and I'm posting naked nails pictures, you choose if you want to continue reading it or not!
I paint my nails every day, sometimes twice a day, and I mostly wear dark colors, which stains a lot. I eat a lot of fruits, and some vegetables, and I do take care of my nails properly and I even use some techniques to whiten my nails a bit, doesn't always work, as you can see.
I use two different base coats, one week I use the Colorama one to give my nails strength, and the one from Sally Hansen for nail growth. I also use two different products from Sally Hansen for nail growth, one is a serum that goes with the nail growth base coat, bought apart, and the second one is a Natural Nail Growth Activator. My bails have been growing quite fast lately, and it's already time for me to chop them down.
To remove my cuticles I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, but I also have Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover, which doesn't work as well as the instant one btw.
To keep my cuticles in good shape and looking good I use three products, OPI Cuticle Oil, I'm not sure it's really from OPI or a fake, but it's fantastic, CND Solar Oil, it smells super yummy, and works really well too, and I also use this strengthener oil for nails from Granado, but I use it on my cuticles, it's so good!, it has a good smell and keeps your cuticles in their best shape.


This is what I use on my nails, tell me what you use, and how you keep your nails looking good, and not stained, I would love some tips! :)