Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: EDK Morgana (Personalized ; Brazilian Indie)


Thursday, July 04, 2013

EDK Morgana (Personalized ; Brazilian Indie)


I asked Kelly, from EDK to add hearts to my Morgana polish purchase, which is why I put the 'personalized' in the post name and why my bottle doesn't come with a name.
Morgana is already a beautiful polish, but the hearts make it even better.
The purplish look on Force make it the perfect polish to layer it over.
Little update, Kelly was very sweet to accept putting the hearts, and it was very thoughtful of her ♥

Polishes Used:
Illamasqua Force - 2 coats
EDK 'Personalized' Morgana - 1 coat
Base Coat and Top Coat:
Base Coat: Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle
Top Coat: OPI RapiDry Top Coat