Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Super Quick Post!


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Super Quick Post!


This will be fast, I promise!
I haven't used my computer since Monday, today is the first day since then, and I haven't done my nails either... Right now I'm preparing my nails to paint, nothing fancy okay? It will be just a plain color, but I'll update later.
Nahla is doing great, she hasn't tried to scratch her stitches too much, I'm guessing sh already knows by now that if she tries I'll put the cone on her! She actually had it on today for well over 2 hours, poor thing. She's doing great, but she should be in total bed rest, but it's impossible to keep her still for too long.. 
I'm making some posts on the blog's FB page to keep you all updated about Nahla, so just check it out :)

Yes, she likes her banana very much!