Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: OPI DS Mystery ♥


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OPI DS Mystery ♥


Before I talk about my nail, let me tell you about the new leash I bought for Nahla. And it's my new love. It's from Zee.Dog, a brazilian brand, but it sells on the US and Mexico too. The leash I bought absorbs the shock from when your dog pulls suddenly, and even normally! I used to almost fall every time she pulled me, and I had to walk faster because she would pulls me, guess what?! NO MORE! It actually works, check it out, see if you can find it, and if it's affordable!

This is their ruff promo!

Guys, this polish is perfection!
DS Mystery has golden flecks in a purple base, but the thing about the flecks is that the flecks also show a bit of purple! This is pure love, really!
Two coats a one of seche!