Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: China Glaze Electrify ♥


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

China Glaze Electrify ♥


How is everyone doing? I'm exhausted!!!! I spent 4 hours baking cupcakes today, I only made 24 and took me 4 hours... I made to different icings, or whatever you call it, one was marshmallows and the other one was coconut buttercream. The marshmallow one was a DISASTER, it was way too thin, I put it over the cupcakes anyway, and covered the marshmallow with chocolate, then I put it on the fridge, it's great now, but the coconut one is my fav.

To my nails. This morning I decided I want a sparkly glitter on my nails. I picked Electrify. I was SUPER scared to wear it, which is way it took me this long to finally wear it. I thought I would have to layer it over something, but turns out two coats were enough.
This polish is SO beautiful, and SO sparkly! ♥

You can still see some nail, but only in the pictures, in person you can't.