Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Colorama Rock And New Lamp ♥


Friday, August 16, 2013

Colorama Rock And New Lamp ♥


If you follow me on facebook, you already know I bought a new lamp. My old one was falling apart, no joke. It was old, 6 years I think. I went to the light store to buy a new bulb for my lava lamp, which I couldn't because it's a US model, and it's totally different from the Brazilian one, but there's a store nearby, which I'll be going soon. While I was at the store, I asked about the desk lamps, I already had one in mind, different from my old one, I ended up getting it cause it was cheap and looks good. I got home, put a bulb on it, turned it on and almost blinded myself. It's very very good, and I'm supper happy with it.!! It looks like this one but it's white, and I'm using a different bulb, a better one.
To my nails, this morning I painted my nails with a simple black polish, plain black, but Nahla messed it up lol I went out for lunch with friends today, left the house at 11AM, didn't get home until 6, and ate from 1PM till 4PM, we ate Japanese food, and we ate a LOT! When I got home I had to change my polish, I was determined to wear Carbono, also from Colorama, but I came across Rock, and decided that was i!!
Rock is madly pigmented, and it's a one coater, but I used two SUPER thin coats, 2 were needed. Rock is a black polish with this greenish metallic shimmer, GORGEOUS. It's super shinny, but I needed it to dry extra fast, so as usual, I added Seche Vite.
I wanted to post 6 pictures, including macro shot, couldn't pick just 5 pictures, picked 7, and with macro plus an almost macro I ended up with 9!!!

The green metallic shimmer makes it so incredible pretty ♥