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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quick Post: A England Saint George ♥


I know I said I was gonna post something on the 7th, but I'm so damn busy with Nahla! I did paint my nails on the 7th, but I didn't take pictures until today. Saint George is one of my to go polishes, the polish is super pigmented, so one coat is enough, plus one thin coat of Seche to dry fast and we're done. Took me 3 minutes to paint my nails, including Seche, and one more minute for the Seche dry it all at touch. 
I'm very surprised I still don't have tip wear, I washed a LOT of dishes these past days and it still looks super new.
My pictures are VERY different form the first time I posted this beauty, so I'm leaving the link here.
BTW Nahla is doing great, her stitches are healing really well too.

Polishes Used:
A England Saint George - 1 coat

Base Coat and Top Coat:
Base Coat: Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle
Top Coat: Seche Vite

*Artificial light, if not I’ll let you know.*