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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Nail Care Routine.


My nails are super stained, and I'm posting naked nails pictures, you choose if you want to continue reading it or not!
I paint my nails every day, sometimes twice a day, and I mostly wear dark colors, which stains a lot. I eat a lot of fruits, and some vegetables, and I do take care of my nails properly and I even use some techniques to whiten my nails a bit, doesn't always work, as you can see.
I use two different base coats, one week I use the Colorama one to give my nails strength, and the one from Sally Hansen for nail growth. I also use two different products from Sally Hansen for nail growth, one is a serum that goes with the nail growth base coat, bought apart, and the second one is a Natural Nail Growth Activator. My bails have been growing quite fast lately, and it's already time for me to chop them down.
To remove my cuticles I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, but I also have Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover, which doesn't work as well as the instant one btw.
To keep my cuticles in good shape and looking good I use three products, OPI Cuticle Oil, I'm not sure it's really from OPI or a fake, but it's fantastic, CND Solar Oil, it smells super yummy, and works really well too, and I also use this strengthener oil for nails from Granado, but I use it on my cuticles, it's so good!, it has a good smell and keeps your cuticles in their best shape.


This is what I use on my nails, tell me what you use, and how you keep your nails looking good, and not stained, I would love some tips! :)