Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: New Polish ~ Sinful Colors - What's Your Name


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Polish ~ Sinful Colors - What's Your Name

I bought this one on ebay too, and it's GORGEOUS! I'm really really in love with it.
It's black with some shimmer in it, and depending on the light the shimmer can be blue or purple, but mostly blue, it's amazingly pretty!
The bottle is super cute too, and like most of the american polishes it contains 15mL or 0.5 fl. oz. I love that, it'll take a lot longer to finish, so I can really enjoy it, at least until july, when I'm gonna go to miami to visit my grandma and my aunt! I'm kind of scared actually, I'm gonna go completely insane just by being surrounded by all of the amazingly beautiful polishes there are in the USA! It's going to be AMAZING! I need to buy a new IPad, can't spend too much in nail polishes (yn)
 here's my pretty little bottle:

The bottom of the bottle:

Can you see the purple and blue shimmer?

Well that's it, I still don't know if I'm posting something else today, maybe, but probably not, so I'll see you guys tomorrow, when I post how this gorgeous looked in my nails :)
Really hope you enjoy it...