Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Impala - Disco Collection


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Impala - Disco Collection

Azul Pavão ~ It's a really pretty blue, but when it's used it actually seems to be kind of a petroleum green wanting to go blue, but still amazing!
Brilho Vinil ~ It's an open pink, very cute, with some discreet and slightly darker than the actual polish, making it even more beautiful.
Disco Ball ~ I think I can call it a glitter... There are some hexagonal glitters, some are super small, while others are a little bigger.
Garota Pop ~ It's a bubble gum pink, kind of yellowish. Personally I didn't like it.

Listrado ~ It's red, but it's more to coral. It's very open and bright.
Patins ~ It's beige, but I think I can say that it has a little bit of a pinkish gray. Very, very beautiful. I really loved it, it's worth it!
Polaina Fun ~ It reminds me of the sky in a hot day, or a swimming pool. It's very easy to use, and it's very pigmented.
Sex Appeal ~ Personally I HATED it! I don't like duo-chrome polishes, so as usual I didn't like it.... A lot of people says it's super pretty and all, it's up to you guys to decide. It actually looks like the Space Cadet from Orly.

I know you guys are probably not going to know this brand, cause it's a brazilian brand, but I hope you enjoy it!