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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Four new polish :D

Well, my new Jade Jump from Sally Hansen got here yesterday, and I'm loving it! The brush is SUPER amazing!!! And I just got back from the drugstore, where I bought three more polishes, actually a little more than three, but that's for the giveaway i'll be having soon :)
I bought Husky and Cocker from Risque, and Ventinho Bom from Colorama! They're amazing :)

Husky - Risque
This is a really pretty blue, with just a tiny little bit of  green, almost can't see it.

This is how it looks in the bottle. 

Ventinho Bom - Colorama
Its a lilac, with some pink glitter.

In the bottle:
Can you see the pink shimmer?

Cocker - Risque
It's a nude polish, with some really discrete glitter.

In the bottle:
See the shimmer?

Jade Jump - Sally Hansen
Super creamy jade green polish.

In the bottle:
See how creamy it is?

Did you guys enjoyed it? I hope you did :)

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