Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Nail of The Week ~ Revlon Red and Viuva Negra


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail of The Week ~ Revlon Red and Viuva Negra

Well, I'm seriously late with this post, considering that I'm gonna have my nails done again tomorrow!
I was using Revlon Red, from Revlon till sunday, but like usual I couldn't stand to use it anymore, I REALLY needed to change, so I decided to used Viuva Negra, which is kind of a dupe from Vampira ~ Eyeko. Ididn't wan't to take the red out, so I just used the other one n top of it... And that's why it looks that bad :D hihihihi

Revlon Red ~ Revlon:

Viuva Negra ~ Risque:


And yes, I already took it off HAIHSA I can't stand to stay with the same polish for too long... And tomorrow I'm using What's Your Name ~ Sinful Colors.
I'm gonna write my next post now, to talk about tomorrow's polish!