Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: My First Haul!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

My First Haul!

My first haul, this is so exciting! Well, I didn't get everything I wanted, but for now i'm gonna have to content myself! I bought a bunch of new polishes and nail polish remover, i really needed... I also bought some other stuff online, but i have no idea when I'm gonna get them, hopefully soon (yn)
Anyway, here's what I bought today:

Nail Polish Remover

Poção Mágica ~ it has gold and blue glitter, its perfect
Gabrielle ~ really open creamy red

Glamour Pink ~ very pink, it has some discrete glitter
Fantasia ~ it's kind of a jeans blue, but it has some blue glitter in it

Jeans ~ the name says it all
Noite De Gala ~ it's a creamy purple, kind of dark

Pimenta Rosa ~ looks like a dirty pink, but it's pretty
Fumaça ~ it's a clean gray, with super cute glitter in it
Missão Azul ~it's a blue with a little bit o purple, it depends a LOT from the light

Sereia ~ it's water green, but it has a little bit of blue
Madonna ~ super open red, reminds me of Gabrielle

Azul Aviador ~ in english the name is blue aviator, but to me it's all purple
Palmeira Tropical ~ this green reminds me of Sereia, but its way darker... 

Pier ~ blueish gray, with a little bit of glitter, but it's so discrete you barely notice it
Hippie Rua ~ super dark blue, with micro blue glitter in it

Figo ~ it looks like plum, something like that
Inocense ~ really really pretty lilac, super delicate and girly

Patins ~ it's a sandy color, super super pretty, I LOVE IT
Brilho Vinil ~ super pink, with just a little bit of red and some micro glitter

Cenário Perfeito ~ closed blue
Azul Crination ~ blue pearl, super pretty
Isabelli ~ metal purple, but w/o the flash it would look like black
Star ~ the glitters change color when there's a light, it's blue, pink and green

All Fired Up ~ open red, lovely
No Shrinking Violet ~ metallic purple
Minted ~ pastel green, super cute
Tuscan Sun ~ it's a red brick, is that right???
Make Mine Mango ~ I guess I could say this is a coral 

Cherries In The Snow ~ the cutest pink ever
Winter Mist ~ a cute gray
Pink Ice ~ pearl pink, cute

Andromeda ~ metallic blue
Sirius ~ metallic pink
Orion ~ metallic purple
Centauro ~ metallic green

This post ended up being a lot bigger than I thought!
I hope you guys love it like I did :)