Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: 31 Day Challenge ~ Day 8 ~ Metallic


Saturday, September 08, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 8 ~ Metallic


I'm absolutely LOVING this challenge, but at the same time is starting to get to my nerves :S Tomorrow's post is rainbow nails, which took me FOREVER to finally figure out wtf I was gonna do, and now I'm starting to worry about the next few days! day 9 and 10 are easy, but the next few ones are HARD, I absolutely suck at nail art, let's just see how this goes!
Anyways, today is metallic nails, so I went for a simple purple metallic polish. I'm loving this one, really, but I hadn't had the chance yo wear it until now! This one has a GREAT color, and it shines a lot. It doesn't show too much of brush strokes, which is great, cause being a metallic polish I thought it would have a bunch of them!!
Anyway, I used too easy and thin coats to make it look like the picture to make it look like this:

Look at this, it shines SO much *-*

Gorgeous purple, right? :D

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post my loves ♥

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  1. What a beautiful color!!! I love lilac and purples and this one is just... perfect!