Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: 31 Day Challenge ~ Day 11 ~ Polka Dots Nails


Monday, September 10, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 11 ~ Polka Dots Nails


Today's post is polka dots. As you might remember I did polka dots for rainbow day, but today's is a one color polka dots, and it's not so good :S
I used white as my base color and Anna Hickman New York, a GORGEOUS blue for the dots.

Just take a look at how gorgeous this blue is ♥♥

I'm just that much of a blue whore, AND THIS BLUE IS PERFECT ♥

Sorry for the terrible dots :S

terrible dots, GORGEOUS color ♥♥♥

That was it my loves, tomorrow's post will most likely suck even badly, stripes is gonna be the worst ever! I hope you have enjoyed this post my dears!