Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: 31 Day Challenge ~ Day 17 ~ Glitter


Monday, September 17, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 17 ~ Glitter


Today's post is SUPER late, and I'm really sorry for that :S I went for a nap earlier, but I ended up sleeping till just now!!
I used Hits Hard Rock for this post, three coats, and god knows how many coats of seche vite to make it smooth :S
My pictures are terrible, and this time is not just me paranoiac, this glitter is a silver holo polish, but all I could capture was the silver glitter!

you can see the holo effect :)

why couldn't my camera capture the damn holo effect?!

That was it for today, my dears! Tomorrow's post is gonna be much better, I promise you ♥

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