Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: 31 Day Challenge ~ Day 23 ~ Inspired by a Movie


Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 23 ~ Inspired by a Movie


Today's post is inspired by a movie. This was kind of easy for me to do, I absolutely love to watch movies, and I absolutely LOVE Star Trek, so I just HAD to make a Star Trek nail art mani! :)
I was kind of afraid of this, cause I suck so much in nail art... Bu i actually did kind of well in this one, I liked it!!
For this mani I used two coats of Colorama Gabrielle, two coats of Jordana Yellow Mellow and two coats of Impala Royal with some white so it would look lighter. For the details I used Colorama Prateado Metálico and Impala Preto. I've been using a lot of brazilian polishes lately, since I have been wearing more international polishes lately, so my brazilian ones are mostly untried...
I'm leaving two videos in this post, one of the Star Trek series and one from the movie, and also two pictures.

Movie (the second one, that'll be released on 2013):

TV Show:



TV Show:

And finally to my nails:

My logos are not the best, but I like it :)

I like it :)

That was it for today loves, hope you have enjoyed it ♥


  1. YAY STAR TREK IS THE BEST! I love your nails! Also thank you for putting up the teaser trailer! I had no idea there was one out! I am beyond excited for the second movie! WOO!

  2. Star Trek has a special place in my heart. Great job!