Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Sally Hansen ~ Jade Jump


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sally Hansen ~ Jade Jump

Hello dear ♥♥

How have you been? :)
Well, I decided to go with some because of St. Patrick's Day and all, so I decided to wear Jade Jump, a polish I got months ago from Ebay. At first I did love it, when I bought it, but now I'm not such a fan of it ;~
So I added some shimmer over it, and I was still not happy, so I layered something else over it, and now I'm happy, but that's for another post...
Applying this polish was a freaking pain in the ass, and clean it was even worst!!!! This polish is very thick....
Let's get to the pictures already, shall we?! :)

see? clean it was SO hard!!!

And now with shimmer!!!

pretty, right?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I think you'll enjoy the next post, a LOT actually!


  1. Not a bad green but I agree, kinda meh!

  2. I actually like this a bright polish type of.girl lol..i think ibwill be picking it up soon..thank you for the swarches!