Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: OPI ~ Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

OPI ~ Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?

Hello my sweeties ♥

Remember my last OPI post? I said I had gotten three OPI from the Holland collection from Traci,, and here's the second one.
This purple polish is just way gorgeous, it's unbelievable!!!!!! It has this pretty golden shimmer in it, so damn pretty!
Application as usual was perfect, two coats was enough. :)

With flash, gorgeous? A LOT!

very pretty omg *o*

If you loved this polish, just wait to see what I layered it with!!! Hope you guys liked it ♥


  1. SO pretty! I loved it! Looks amazing!:D

  2. I love this colour - I could stare at the sparkles in it all day long. Of course it looks pretty strange to those watching me watch my nails....