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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Franken ~ Blue Thunder

Hello dears ♥

You might remember that I'm a blue whore, so I HAD to make a blue franken, I'm surprise that it wasn't my first franken. Anyways, I finally made one, and this is it! I'm actually in love with it, I felt hard for this one. The blue shade isn't this light, it's a little bit darker, but it's still very pretty!!!!
I'll let you judge it by yourself:

Blue Thunder ♥

See the flakies and the shimmer?

This is a bit darker than the actual color, but closer than the other pictures.

The shimmer and the flakies sure make this polish pretty, don't you think?

Very pretty :D

The color of my pinkie is the actual one.


my thumb :)

Enjoy the post, and my franken =)

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