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Thursday, March 08, 2012

O.P.I On The Same Paige

Hello my dears ♥

I got tired of those damn princess hands, so I changed it to something more bright and colorful!!! So I decided to go with an orange polish. Orange isn't really my favorite color, but this one took my breath away... There's absolutely nothing special about it, really, it's just a plain cream orange, nothing else, but it's simply gorgeous, and i'm in love with it!!! I don't feel like taking this one out anytime soon, this is how much I loved it ♥
I NEVER used an orange polish (except for my orange holo, but it's a holo, doesn't really count!) cause I never really liked the color, but now that's in the past, I think, at least this one I truly love.
Usually I feel like layering every polish I've used lately, but not this one.... This makes me smile!!!
Speaking of things that make me smile, I finally got another birthday gift in the mail, I'm not gonna show you everything I got, but I'm gonna show you the one polish that opened a huge smile on my face: I GOT A BOOTIE BABE POLISH!!! How cute is that bottle?!
Anyways, let's get to the pictures already:

This polish is gorgeous, don't you think?! :D


My nails are looking really long...



The back of the butt :D

And the front!!! This one is Lilac Lunatic, a pastel purple, very pretty :)

Enough with the pictures, this is already way too picture heavy!!!
Hope you enjoy it all my dears ♥♥♥

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  1. On The Same Paige has been a good color for me to turn to - with it's mix of orange/red/brown in it, it makes it different than others out there. I find I do need a ton of SV clear topper to keep it as shinny as I want it - makes me wonder if somewhere in it, it has a bit of that formulation we see in matte polishes possibly since it really eats my SV topper.