Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Princess Hands and Gradient ~ WTF?!


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Princess Hands and Gradient ~ WTF?!

Hello dear followers ♥

Remember I said I wasn't happy with OPI The One That Got Away? Well, this is what I replaced it with: Revlon Lilac Pastelle. I absolute LOVE this polish, but then I decided to try the gradient thing again, my nails were SO delicate and girly, I liked it, but it wasn't really me... I ended up changing it again LOL but that's for another post =)
When I first used this polish, it was a freaking pain in the ass to paint my nails with it... But for some reason it was pretty easy this time...
Here are the pictures:

Gorgeous right?


Looks kinda cute, right? Just way to much for me!

Hope you have enjoyed this post, will post my current mani tomorrow probably! :)

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  1. I'm not a fan of pale pinks on my fingers (although they're my go to colours for toes) but that princess mani has swayed me!