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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Revlon Gray Suede ~ Adriane Galisteu Me Beija GRADIENT

Hello lovely followers =)

I tried to do some gradient mani, and guess what?! I FAILED!!!!! I was really excited, I thought it might work, cause it was just a glitter plus my previous mani, but somehow it sucks!!! And to try to make the situation a little better, I used this polish that gives the base color this cute secret shimmer, I liked it, but still doesn't make me any happier with this fail mani ¬
See for yourself and judge it:

Looks weird, don't you think?!

I took as many pictures as I could, but still doesn't look good ¬

After that massive disaster, I tried some secret shimmer, can you see it? Looks a little better...

Better uh? Just not there yet ;~

Lots of sparkle!!! 

I GIVE UP!!!! I just can't make this damn mani look any better than this ;~
tell me what you think of this crap....
thanks for reading =)

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  1. You are funny! "Tell me what you think of this crap." LOL. I think it looks good! It looks like a subtle french tip. While I may not be a fan of nudes, I think this makes it look very pretty!

  2. it's not crap ;)
    it's pretty :)

  3. I think it's very pretty & I love the base you chose!

  4. its fine! i find that the things i do that i usually am overly critical of, are things others just adore! and this is good!