Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Ouro Nude - Risqué


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ouro Nude - Risqué

Well, since I posted last time, a bunch of my nails have broken, so i decided that it was time to chop them off! AND I DID IT :( now I just want them back!The only yay of the day was when I went to the mall and bought a bunch of new clothes, but i'm only showing one of the new shirts cause it's just perfect, silly but so cute *-*
Back to my nails:
my manicure almost killed me when she saw my nails, but what can i do? It's not my fault they broke! Since they're not just nubs, but SUPER nubs, I decided to go for a nude polish! Ouro Nude is super gorgeous, it's a nude polish with the cutest golden shimmer ever, unfortunately I couldn't take a decent picture, I did get a nice one, but not that nice or decent enough....
BTW¹: Two coats covered it super well, but I decided to go with three.
BTW²: Holly shit my cuticles are looking so ugly, I need to fix it O:

My not so lovely nubs:
See a little bit of the shimmer?

Risqué Ouro Nude bottle:

 nubs. nubs. nubs.
if you look REALLY close you can see the shimmer, that's why it's this big lol

And yet again no shimmer showing up :(

A close up on the shimmer:

It was very disappointing taking pictures of this damn gorgeous polish: ALL THE PICTURES ARE TERRIBLE, AND I CAN'T SHOW YOU HOW GORGEOUS IT REALLY IS :(
In person I can actually see a little tiny bit of pink, but mostly golden shimmer!
If you want to see how pretty this polish look with an actually good camera click here.
Hope that even though the pictures are not the best you enjoy the polish!