Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Mini Haul =)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Mini Haul =)

Well it has been a while since a last had a haul post, and it has been a while since I have bought new polishes, that's just sad :( LOL Anyways, I bought seven new polishes, brazilian brands, and they're gorgeous! Ieven got a new flakie *-* There's nothing really unique about them, I just loved it, what can I do?
To the pictures:

Miragem Azul ~ It's actually black with a LOT o blue shimmer.
Cobertura Encantadora ~ I used it over Miragem Azul, in this picture looks terrible, but's actually very pretty. This flakie has green, yellow and orange flakies.

Rock N' Roll ~ I can't call it a silver, not really, it's more of a gray polish with some silver shimmer.
5ª Avenida ~ I LOVE THIS POLISH! The picture doesn't not show the real color of this polish, and I couldn't take one picture that would, it's a dark pink, but at the same time is really barbie.

Duende ~ It's not blue, it's a green wanting to be blue, with shimmer.
Ouro Nude ~ It's a nude polish, but it has this golden shimmer, which makes this polish amazingly pretty.

Chão de Estrelas ~ It's a black polish with silver glitter, this picture also does not show the actual beauty of this polish, I have been trying to find this one for a few months now, I'm glad I finally did!

That was it for today, that's all I got from the drugstore, and some other polishes but that's for my swap. I also got a tanning lotion and an aftersun lotion, both from Banana Boat.
BTW I was thinking about posting pictures with what I keep on my purse hmm
What do you think?