Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Hits Flakie ~ Valsa


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hits Flakie ~ Valsa

Hello dear followers!!
Once again I stayed a long time without posting, I have an explanation this time: I got two of my teeth were extracted, and it hurts once the anesthesia effect is out!!!
Enough with the boring! Like we all know, I can't stand to stay with the same boring polish for too long, but since I'm not the one who does my nails, I have to go to a salon, I just have to suck it up... So I always add something do the polish I'm currently wearing, and this time I decided to use my new Hits Flakie Valsa, I actually got the idea from Traci, of  The TraceFace Philes. She used her Hits Flakie Lambada, which I also have, but my current polish had this tiny blue microglitter, and Valsa has some blue in it, most of the time it's green but according to the light it changes to blue, I loved it!
Here are dome of the pictures I took:

See the blue and the green ?

See the blue?

I hope you like this polish as much as I did :)