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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Huge Nail Mail! :)

After my last haul, I decided to get the rest of the Hits no Olimpo holographic collection, and a few other flakies! I ended up buying a LOT more than I planned! Some of the thing I had bought on ebay a little while ago arrived here as well!
Here are the pictures:
My packages.

My ebay packages, open.

Brazilian packages, open.

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué ~ Disco Queen
I actually was super lucky to find it, only two people were selling it, but only one shipped to Brazil, and this one happened to have only ONE of those in stock! I was reluctant to buy it, but when I saw it only had one I changed my mind really quickly and bought it, no regrets!
It's a zebra print, but the difference is that it has some glitter!
The rest of my Hits no Olimpo Holographic Collection.
I had previously bought Hera, but after seeing a bunch of posts in other blogs talking about how pretty the ENTIRE collection was, once again I couldn't resist and picked up the entire collection, and a new Hera.

Atena ~ It's a bright pink, really Barbie!
Hefesto ~ It's a holo top coat.
Ares ~ Red holo.
Hermes ~ Brownish holo.

Afrodite ~ A really girly pink, not so dark.
Dionisio ~ Dark purple holo.
Artemis ~ Silver holo.
Hera ~ Blue holo, kind of turquoise.
Poseidon ~ Light blue, really pretty.

Héstia ~ It's a purplish pink.
Deméter ~ Orange holo, yes ORANGE!
Apolo ~ Really dark blue.
Zeus ~ Black holo. 
Perolado 406 ~ Pearly blue coat.
Samba ~ Flakie
Twist ~ Flakie.
Glitter 612 ~ Blue glitter.
Tango ~ Flakie.
217 ~ Blueish green.
369 ~ Purple glitter.

Samba ~ Green flakie, not a top coat!
Twist ~ Blue flakie, not a top coat!
Tango ~ Black with orange flakies, not a top coat!

Rivka Fabi ~ Pretty blue, with some golden sparkle.
Rivka Vicky ~ Blue pool, with a touch of green and golden sparkle.

The sparkle:


My Seche Vite top coat I got on ebay:

China Glaze ~ For Audrey
Super light blue, really pretty. Also got it on ebay.

Revlon ~ Lunar
It has a SUPER dark blue/green thing going on in this bottle, I can't really tell, but I loved it!

Unfortunately that's it for the day, no more nail mail today, at least that I know about! I'll get some more this week, just don't know the day... But I'll post my new beauties as soon as I get it!
So, which one of those should I use tomorrow?!