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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hits Flakies ~ World of Dances

Hello nail polish lovers =DD
Early this week I started to think about making a review on one of my new collections: Holos or Flakies? The girls from facebook said they wanted to see the flakies, so here we are!
I just want to say that I DO NOT have the entire collection, i did not buy two of them cause I didn't like it, the red and the orange, It was just no me, so I decided not to spend money on something I knew I would hate and not use...
All of the flakies are AMAZING, but some of the flakies that are not top coats are better used as one, cause they're not dark enough. And the actual top coats are DIVINE, they're really are amazing!

Fox Trot, Salsa, Can Can, Twist, Tango, Samba, Lambada, Valsa, Jazz, Cha Cha Cha

Twist ~ Was one of the three flakies that are not top coats that covered really nice, so far the best one, but I still think this polish would be way better if used as a top coat over a blue or black polish.
Can Can ~ I had to use FOUR really thick coats to get to the result on the picture, and it was still not enough, better used over a purple polish, but stil gorgeous. It's a purple with blue flakies.
Salsa ~ I couldn't get one decent picture of this polish. This pretty pink is super cute, and the flakies are also pink, It was one of the three I manage to use that covered really nice, but one coat over a pink polish would make this one way prettier!
Fox Trot ~ It didn't matter how many coats and how thick they were, it just wouldn't cover it all up, and you can see my nail... I really loved this one, but it's kinda tricky.. Over a pink or a purple would be way better!

Can Can
Fox Trot

Tango ~ Black with orange flakies, GORGEOUS! The last of those that actually covered really well. Even though it covered nicely I would prefer to use it over a black polish, the flakies would look way better!
Samba ~ It looks like covered really well, but it was a pain in the ass to get to that result... like every other polish in this collection the best thing is to use it over a creamy of the same color, in this case green. It has lighter and darker green flakies.
369 ~ It's a glitter polish, and it's AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! I would probably use it more than once... This polish covered EVERYTHING with only two coats, and that's what you're seeing in this picture. This purple is so lovely, and easy to use, no need to go fishing for glitter in the bottle!
612 ~ It really reminds me of Gone Gonzo from OPI, it just doesn't have those big silver glitter. And it covers really well two, not as well as 369, this one took me three coats to look like the picture, but I think this one is really pretty.


Valsa ~ Has blue flakies, that depending on the light they're green.
Lambada ~ It has green and orange flakies, doesn't matter the light, and depending on the light you can also see some variations of blue.
Jazz ~ Green flakies that depending on the light it turns blue.
Cha Cha Cha ~ Lovely orange flakies, I also see a little tiny bit of green.


Those are the flakies I got from Hits, and they're lovely, aren't they? :D Sorry for showing those glitter, I just needed to put something on those fingers, so I figured: why not some glitter? 
Enjoy the beauties =)