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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More Nail Mail, New Holos!

I know, not even 2 hours have passed and I already have more nail mail... Well, not my fault!
Remember I said on the previously post that I had some more packages to get here? well, I didn't expect it to get here today! One package is from Ebay, the other is national.
I had bought in a national site some more holos, a new creamy, and a polish that's UV mood, it changes according to the sun. My package from ebay had my Sinful Colors Fly Aways.
I'm also posting pictures of my new holos, and hits holos in a nail disc!

My new polishes:

Hits 218 ~ Greenish blue
Rivka UV Mood ~ It turns blue in the sun.

Georgina ~ Dark pink holo, kinda Barbie.
Samantha ~ Dark blue holo.

Lilly ~ Really light blue, it almost look silver.
Charlotte ~ Light pink holo.

Serena ~ Light blue holo.
Sinful Colors Fly Away ~ Most beautiful blue.
Sinful Colors ~ Fly Away:

Rivka Holographs:

Hits no Olimpo Holos:

CH ~ For Audrey and SC ~ Fly Away

I decided to put all the images that show from the nail disc really big, so you can actually see how it looks like! I hope you like my new holos, cause I'm thinking they're PERFECT!
I don't think i'm getting any new nail mail today, but who knows... I might get something.


  1. Beautiful nail mail!! I love those holos! I wish I could just grab them out of the picture on your blog! :P

  2. Love them! Loving the holos too!