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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Something a little different... TATTOOS!!

I've never said here that I love tattoos, but I do! But I just LOVE them, since I was really young actually, to be accurate since my dad got his first tattoo, and that was 13, maybe 14 years ago, that would make me 4 or 3 years old! LOL Anyway, when I turned 14 I got my first one, actually I was almost 15, but still 14 ;) I've been getting new tattoos every year since then, and so far I've got 9 of them, and I want more *o* I'm already planning my next 2 tattoos, and they're gonna be BIG! Hopefully LOL The two main reasons I'm posting about it is cause 1: I have nothing else to post ; 2: New mani only on wednesday!
to the pictures:
BTW they're in order, from the first to the last one!
I was 14 when I did this one, just a kid, but I love stars

15, It means that I went through something though (death of a really dear person), and I was able to survive it and finally be ok, accept it.
i refuse to say;)

15, Means that it doesn't matter how long goes by i'll always love those I've lost (family).

16, Just cause I love stars!

16, I had failed in school once when i had this done, it was really hard for me, but after all the crying I realized it was just another way to learn from my mistakes!

17, My grandma passed away on 11/20/2010; she was pretty much everything to me, she meant and means the world to me, after her death I was a wreak, my heart was way too broken, I could barely stand the people around me, few months after she passed I finally got a little better, but I'm still fighting against the pain, so I decided to get her signature on my foot =)

17, This one is actually super small! As far as I see things I need something to hold me on the ground, I need to remember myself that things are not as I want them to be, and the anchor is basically what stops me to go nuts!

17, I've went through a LOT of dark moments in my life, that's the moon, but every time I was feeling down I always had someone to give me some light and hope, and to make me laugh, that's the star.

17, This one just remembers me that I've got to keep going, this flower is ALWAYS pointing north, and that's something I've gotta do, I have to learn from my mistakes to never take a step back, therefore always going forward!

OOOK that was it for today!!! All of my tattoos are looking terrible just cause my camera sucks!!!!
Really hope you all like it, even if it's not about nail polish :)


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  1. Those are some awesome tattoos! The Signature one is very creative idea love it