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Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I have another guest post for you guys today, and Today's is a bit different. Maile did a post with her Ozotic's haul, it's a fun story :D 

I'd like to thank Juliana of Nail Polish Addict for asking me to do a guest post! It's been a little while since I blogged last but of course, I'm happy to do it!
Today I'm writing about my Ozotic Haul and how I got it!
My friends Carol (who lives in Minnesota) and Emin (who lives in Turkey) felt that Emin's wife needed something to do while living in Turkey. I mentioned that there was a lady here in the States (Llarowe) who distributed foreign polishes and did very well. Foreign (American and Australian) polishes are very popular in Turkey, so they thought that maybe they'd be like a Llarowe-Turkey. They asked me as a favor since I was a nail polish fanatic to write on their behalf to some nail polish companies that they felt would do well in Turkey. So I wrote to Lumineye who is the Private Label company that makes and distributes the polish for Ozotic.

The woman who answered my emails was very nice and offered to send me some polish samples. Excited, I tried to call Turkey, but Emin and Carol were both out of the country (Emin's wife didn't speak English) and Ozotic was asking me where to send the samples. Well..SEND THEM TO ME! And they did! Lumineye was kind enough to send me 2 of everything! 104 polishes in all! Here are the photo's.

They came in two big packages very securely wrapped!!

Here's my set of the polishes! What a lovely sight! Of course, I was going to keep MY half..I mean..I did most of the work..but during this time...Emin's wife lost interest in her "project" and I got to keep the other set too! I have enough Ozotic to last a long long time!

Boy am I a happy girl! Haha..
Thank you so much Juliana for asking me to do this guest blog! It was a fun project and I hope you have an awesome time here in Florida ('ll be up North in Orlando) Safe journey and HAPPY POLISH BUYING IN THE STATES! ((HUGS)) 

Love ya!
Maile (My)

I had a lot of fun reading it, hope you do too!