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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cute Gradient by Cas

Hello ♥♥♥

Today's guest post is by one of my dearest friends, the lovely Casandra. I love her to death ♥

Hello readers! I am so VERY excited to show off one of the manis that I am most proud of, on my bestie's blog today!
I'm not the greatest (for lack of experience) at doing gradients, until this one I had only ever attempted 1 or 2 tops. I decided to go with a nice soft two-toned color choice and use at least one untried, nice cute colors for Valentine's Day coming up seemed perfect.
I chose Zoya Cassi (if only it had an E on the end, it'd be my nickname!), a nice shimmery soft peachy pink, and OPI Skull & Glossbones, a smooth glossy almost white grey. They blended great together and made my best gradient yet! Their application is fantastic and even though I seem to have the worst luck with formula and application on the Zoyas I own, this one didn't really give me a problem.
For the gradient I chose the sponging method, by dripping the two colors next to each other on a pallet and swirling the center colors to mix them slightly, then dabbed the sponge on there and applied softly to my already base colored nail (I chose the pink Zoya Cassi as my base color since it is a thin few coater polish).
(add pictures here starting with the base color pics of zoya cassi, then the rest of the ones of the gradient).

Thank you again for letting me guest post today Juliana!
take care, Casandra

I loved the gradient Cas did, I just can't work with a light color for gradients. Hope you all did too :)