Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: New 31 DC - Day 6 - My Favorite Color Family


Sunday, January 06, 2013

New 31 DC - Day 6 - My Favorite Color Family

Hello ♥

Favorite color family? BLUE! I'm a HUGE blue whore, everyone knows it, there's no denying it.
Last week I did this super cute mani with Nails Inc Baker Street (♥) and A England Tristam. I stamped over Baker Street with Tristam, and I loved it SO much ♥
I used two coats of Baker Street and then stamped over it with Tristam and Konad plate M63.

I really liked it, hope you guys feel the same way about it.


  1. Gorgeous color choice! LOVE it! Your nails are so beautiful! <3

  2. This is stunning. I'm going to have to use this combination sometime. :)