Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: New 31 DC - Day 5 - Purple


Friday, January 04, 2013

New 31 DC - Day 5 - Purple

Hey loves ♥

Today is the fifth day of the challenge, and today's post color is purple. It took me a few tries to finally decide what I was gonna do for this post, at first I was gonna just post a plain color, a light purple, but I changed my mind.
Like you all know, I'm an Illamasqua lover, so as usual I used an Illamasqua polish as my base color. Faux Pas as the base color, and A England Lady Of The Lake for the gradient. The colors are close, which makes this gradient even prettier.

I'm not just an Illamasqua fan, I'm also a big gradient fan, but it had been a while since I did a nice gradient, so I'm glad this one turned out so great.


  1. Oh wow, this gradient is beautiful!

  2. So beautiful, both those colours are stunning! I've only recently started trying out Illamasqua polishes and it's love already! x