Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Fake Floam


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fake Floam


Today I'll be showing you a fake Floam. Ok, not really a fake Floam, but a dupe. A Brazilian indie maker decided to make a Floam for the Brazilian girls who can't get Floam. I think it was a nice idea since I can't get it either. But I will, VERY SOON! Anyway. The brand is called Penélope Luz, and she has some of the prettiest polishes I've seen, but I couldn't get my hands on many of them. The polish is called Confetti and it might has the colors of Floam and look like Floam, but it isn't. Floam is much more opaque.
For my base color I used Illamasqua Noble, two coats, and then two coats of Confetti. Plus one coat of Seche to make it shinny.

As you can see this Floam dupe is seriously pretty :D