Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: New 31 DC - Day 4 - Pink


Friday, January 04, 2013

New 31 DC - Day 4 - Pink


Today is the fourth day of the challenge, and I'm still having a lot of fun :D
For the pink day I decided to go with Jade Deja Vu, and WHY did I wait so long to wear it?! I LOVE the color, it's so pretty. As usual, the Jade holos are amazing, the formula is ridiculously perfect and the holo effect is just as perfect, and it shows SO much! It never stops to impress me.
I used two normal coats, and one thin coat of Seche, but not to make it even more shinny, I only use Seche so it dries fast :D

You can tell me, you're VERY impressed by this one as well. I know you are.