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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colorful Tape Nails

Hello my dears ♥

Today's guest is Jin.

Hello beautiful people! I am so happy and honored to be hear. Thank you so much Juliana!!!
If you don't know me, I'm Jin from around the corner at Superficially Colorful. I was hoping to do some sophisticated nail art for this post but somehow... I managed to forget about it and by the time I remembered, I didn't have enough time for that. So I owe you one! And for today let me show you what's on my nails.

It all started with Enchanted Polish - Bruised Nutcracker, a gorgeous dark blue holographic polish from the Ho-Ho-Holiday collection. This polish is pure perfection: opaque in 1-2 coats, wonderful formula, quick dry and has a lovely linear holographic effect.

Enchanted Polish - Bruised Nutcracker

Enchanted Polish - Bruised Nutcracker
Enchanted Polish - Bruised Nutcracker
Enchanted Polish - Bruised Nutcracker
But after a while of staring at my nails, I figured I better get some things done in the house, so I had to cover this beauty and prevent it from distract me. Does that ever happen to you? Anyway, I took my strip tape and randomly just cut little parts and placed them on my nails. I then filled the little blocks with some Illamasqua polishes - the yellow is Optimist, the blue is Serenity and the purple is Prosperity. They are all from the rubber collection which means they all have a rubber-matte finish but when I took my tape off, the rubber seem to be very puffy over the background and it looked like some 3D map. So I had to drown it all in some top coat to flatten it all up. I am sorry to say I forgot to take a picture of the rubbers without the top coat...

And now, while I still like this mani, I don't waste my day staring at my nails anymore ;-) So I hope you like it too and thanks again Juliana for having me around! Have the loveliest time, Jin

I absolutely LOVE this mani, I might just try it out :D

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  1. Great manicure! :-) I like the combination of colours and the precision! :-) Bruised Nutcracker is stunning! :-)