Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Two New Polishes!!!


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Two New Polishes!!!

Here I am again, bugging you all with my posts... Today, when I was getting back from school I got two new polishes from Risqué: Poção do Amor and Relax da Penélope. The first one is an open red with tiny red shimmer on it, and that shimmer look like orange sometimes; the second one is a a pastel blue, and it's the perfect pastel blue for me, and it's SO creamy... I loved it!!!
Besides the first picture they were all taken with artificial light, the first one was with flash hm And the pictures of the nail disc are very accurate!

See the shimmer? You can see a lot of the red and a little bit of the orange.

Orange shimmer, and very creamy pastel blue.

Blurry, but shows both shimmers =)

Enjoy my crazy beautiful new polishes :D
Later I'll probably post my nail of the week, and BTW is gonna be my amazing new hot red Poção do Amor, just can't resist it, to pretty to handle it! LOL