Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: FLAKIES + Poção do Amor!


Monday, January 09, 2012

FLAKIES + Poção do Amor!

Hello my lovely followers :)

Remember I was using Poção do Amor? Well, I got bored, I needed to do something about it, so I used the flakie top coat from the same collection over it. It looks great in the pictures, but it looks way better in person, just loved it! Now  just have to figure out which polish I'm using this wednesday... I'm thinking about using something dark, I'll probably go with plain black, and when I get bored I put some glitter over it, I think I might even use 'What's Your Name' from Sinful Colors, which I really loved, and it's so pretty! Or maybe I'll use 'Chão de Estrelas' from Risqué, but I'll probably use the one from SC =)
Enough with the talk, let me show you the pictures of what I'm using now:

As you can see the red polish is already peeling off... But in two days I'll be changing it, so who cares? ;)

Close up in my pretty flakies! :D

Hope you enjoy it! I know I've been using a LOT of flakies, but I just can't resist....