Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: HITS Mari Moon ~ Swatches (PICTURE HEAVY, SERIOUSLY!!!!)


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HITS Mari Moon ~ Swatches (PICTURE HEAVY, SERIOUSLY!!!!)

Hello my dears!
First of all I want to apologize for nor posting a link of the Mari Moon collection along with the giveaway, so in order to make up to you I decided to do the swatches myself, with my own sets, don't worry! :)
to the pictures:

First I'll be showing you the polishes from the Unique set:

Unconventional is a pretty reddish purple, with lots of purple shimmer! I personally didn't really like it, not enough duochrome! Needed three coats, and it was very easy to clean.

Daring is pretty hard to describe, it's green and purple at the same time. I actually enjoyed this one, is different from pretty much everything I've got, and the idea of green and purple together makes me smile, I really like it! Four coats needed and super easy to clean.

Chameleon is a lot like Daring, BUT in this one the green is way more visible, and the purple is very shy! :) Three coats needed, very easy to clean.

Artsy is one of my favorites from this collection. Can you see how it goes from blue to purple, to pink and then orange and red? *o* I'm drooling over this one, I really loved it! :) Four coats needed, easy to clean.


Cool seriously intrigued me, it has blue base and a LOT of green shimmer. The blue is very shy, but sometimes it shows. Only two coats needed, easy to clean, 

Trendy is a weird looking green, with more weird green shimmer. I really didn't like it, but maybe some of you will! Three coats needed, easy to clean.

Dreamer has absolutely nothing especial, it's just a purple base, with more purple shimmer. Three coats, very easy to clean.

And at last, but no least, Cutie Pie! This one is my other favorite in this collection. It has a purple base with blue shimmer. Sometimes is all blue, and sometimes all purple, or even half purple half blue. I really liked it! Needed three coats, really easy to clean.

I told you it was going to be seriously picture heavy! I hope this clarifies some doubts people have about the two sets :)


  1. Beautiful Collection! These are amazing!!

  2. I still cant decide! LOL I love them all! :D
    Great post! :D

  3. These are all nice but some are really stunning!

  4. Cutie Pie and Cool are amazing! Well they all are but those two stand out :)