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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Today was a GREAT nail mail day, I'm so happy *-*
My A England and my CND finally got here; the two new OPIs I bought on Monday also arrive, with some other things! AND I GOT ANOTHER BIRTHDAY MAIL, FROM UK THIS TIME!! I'm LOVING everything Claudia got me!!!!!!!!! The package was so cute, the polishes were wrapped with pick paper, and she also sent me candy, my favorite one, I must say, the inside of the package was full with glitter, so damn pretty! I was already in love with everything before I even saw the polishes, but when I opened my heart skipped a heartbeat: she got me FANTASY FIRE from Max Factor *ooooooooo* She also got me some pretty cream polishes from a brand I have to clue what's the name LOL and one from Kiko, 262. The Kiko one is a metallic purple with fuchsia glitter in it, SO PRETTY! Both of the creamy ones she got me are very beautiful, and I have nothing like those in my collection. You'll see what I'm talking about in a bit ;)
The A England I got is Galahad, which is a creamy teal, very pretty, but I expected more... My new CND Effects Sapphire Sparkle is gorgeous!
The two OPIs I got were Give Me The Moon and Light My Sapphire, both SUPER pretty! I also got some other things, but I'll just show you:
I'll be starting with the first things I received today!

My first CND and A England, how amazing is that? Also a cuticle oil pen from OPI.

My SUPER pretty CND Sapphire Sparkle.

Such a cute bottle shape!

A England Galahad. I have to say, I was expecting more! This is GORGEOUS, but I payed a LOT of money for a color I pretty much already have. One of my favorite colors.

My second package was my Birthday package, I was so happy *-*
Super cute, right?

Oh DROOL *O* Those polishes are nothing but gorgeous!

And the delicious candy, Kinder Bueno!


A moment of silence, please!!!!

Kiko 262, you can't see the fuchsia glitter :(

The glitter inside the package LOL That's how my hands were after unwrapping it all!

Third nail mail of the day:
I got OPIs Drip Dry, an the bottle is just too cute! I also got OPI Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling, cause my nails are always braking and peeling, hope that fixes it!

I also got to new polishes: Give Me The Moon and Light My Sapphire.

 Give Me The Moon is a very pretty gray polish with blue shimmer.
Light My Sapphire is a very dark purple with some shimmer.

I hope you enjoy my nail mail of the day! :)


  1. Awesome nail mail day for you!!!

  2. I think you will love Galahad, he is sooo much awesomeness in one polish!!

  3. What a great nail mail day. Congrats on all the parcels and I hope you love everything.

  4. Its great..I love the blue shade on your nails :)