Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle (BANANA YELLOW WITH SHIMMER)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle (BANANA YELLOW WITH SHIMMER)


Today's polish is just wow!!! I bought it yesterday when I went to the drug store to buy a new tweezers, I was taking a look at Revlon polishes, They only had old ones, and I actually have most of them, but I was taking a look and they had this new yellow, that I never heard of, but I felt in love with it so I bought it :) And since I've been loving yellow polishes so much this one was a must ♥
The formula was not the best one, I had to use three coats to look like the pictures, but it was more than worth it, I have no regrets at all, and it looks GREAT!!! I used only one thin coat of SV.

Look at all this beauty *-*

I'm SO in love 


I don't know about you guys, but the shimmer in the polish makes it more perfect to me than if there was no shimmer at all!


I'm so sorry for my dry cuticles, but the polish is just too perfect6 for me not to show you!!!
Hope you enjoy it ♥