Google+ Nail Polish Addiction: Impala Conquiste Sempre (Holo Collection)


Friday, December 14, 2012

Impala Conquiste Sempre (Holo Collection)

Hey there ♥

I'm not even gonna start with "Hope you all had a good day" cause I'm pretty sure none of us had. I was in shock when I heard about the shooting in the elementary school!! I fell apart, I just can't believe people are capable of that kind of thing, it's impossible for me to believe someone can kill 20 children, and another 6 adults!!!
I'm not gonna talk about that anymore, cause it's just way too sad.
The polish I'm about to show you is from a Brazilian brand. Impala finally released holographic polishes, and this collection is called Celebrate because of New Years Eve :)
Conquiste Sempre is this amazing golden holo, only problem is that this collection is made of scattered holo, not linear, but it's still very pretty. I'm not a gold fan, but this one is amazing. I used 3 coats, not TC.

I really did love this color, and hopefully you all have liked it as well.