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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hits - Green Glitter

Hiiiiiiiiiiii =) LOL I'm very excited! I didn't got to school today, BUT tomorrow I will, best thing ever? I DON'T HAVE CLASS AFTER TOMORROW TILL THE 26TH *----------* Jealous much?! :D
As many of you might know, in Brazil we have Carnival, and that's a week and a little something more of 'vacation'!!! That's so exciting!
Anyways, it's Carnival and I have absolutely no talent at all to make nail art for it, so I thought: WHY NOT USE A GLITTER POLISH?! I've actually been dyeing to  use this one for a while, this one and the others I've got, they're all very pretty!
The first picture is VERY accurate, but the picture doesn't show all the beauty of this glitter polish...
The coverage was AMAZING, two coats needed, YES I SAID TWO COATS!!!! you don't have to fish the glitter, it comes very easily, which is great! This glitter polish is not smooth, but a coat of seche vite does the trick! ;) I just can't stop starring at it, way to pretty *-*
Hits probably has the most beautiful glitters I've ever used, you don't have to fish them and they're gorgeous, and also very shinny!
Glitter are a fucking pain in the ass to clean, therefor you can see my cuticles full with glitter, but right now they're not! :D
Let go to the pictures already! 


Just drool already, I know you want to!!! :D

That was it for today my loves, I hope you like it! And since it's Carnival I'll try to change my mani more often, and use my other glitters!!! :D
See y'all, and thank you for reading and following me!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Heyy!!
    Loved it! So cool that glitter.. Very.. *Carnavalesco* LOL :D


  2. Love the gorgeous shade!

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  3. Well, Carnival is something that I really hate, if I could I would get away from this damn hot place but... since I can't afford a travel to Europe... I have to settle around here, huh?
    This green glitter is stunning! Amazing!
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.