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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Remember when my nails were SUPER long, and then BOOM they were super nubs?! Well, they broke, obviously!!! I was crazy mad when that happened, but I just had to suck it up... A few months ago I bought Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle. I started to use that base coat when my nails were already pretty long, so I didn't really noticed anything different, BUT after my nails broke I could finally notice how it actually works!  As you can see in this post after a little bit over a moth my nails were super long again, and that makes me smile :D I didn't really think this would work, at least not for me, nothing ever work with me LOL
My pointing finger nail, or w/e americans call it, BROKE, I was so pissed about it!
BTW I'll be posting my nail of the week later, I think!
So that's it, it worked, and I'm happy:

Only one picture, BUT that's enough!

This is my SH! I use it a lot, that's why the letters are fading away!

Hope that helps whoever has difficulty to grow their nails like me! 

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  1. My nails grow fast but I don't keep them so long, since they were a little bit annoying to deal with a digital board or a touchscreen, for example. Anyway, the hint is useful indeed!
    Juliana, since I've loved your blog so much I've decided following it... I love when I read about my favorite issues in English. I'd wish you to visit my blog as well. I intend to come back here many times \o/
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.