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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Rock N' Roll ♥


This is a very accurate post name: 1)I LOVE ROCK!!! ♥; 2)The polish name is Rock N' Roll. I grew up listening to rock, mom and dad are big fans, and so am I. All listen to all kinds of rock, but I have my favorites...... Little Richard is my favorite, let's take a minute to mourn his retirement. Little Richard is a legend, and he's known as "The Architect Of Rock N' Roll", and it's not for nothing. The man is amazing, and you might know a little song called "Tutti Frutti", probably his most famous song. I'm gonna leave it here, so enjoy!

Like I said, amazing! I'm gonna stop talking about rock cause I might never stop.
BTW did I mention my camera's USB went to hell? Well, I got it pretty quickly, but it's not very good, transfering pictures is out of wuestion, I have to transfer to my iPad and the to my computer, but it charges the camera, and that's the important part :)
Rock N' Roll is from an old collection from Impala, 2011 I think. I bought the entire collection, but this is the only one I haven't worn so far, and I regret it. RN'R is a metallic grey, not silver, metallic, but it has a silvery look to it. It's a cool color, very wintry. It might be winter in Brazil, but it's been super hot and sunny this past week, but yesterday night the temperature dropped quite a bit, and it started raining.
I loved this color so much I've had it on for 3 days now, yes, I still have it on. And it hasn't chipped yet, a miracle!!, and I've done a LOT of dishes the past few day, washed the service are (where I keep Nahla's newspaper to pee and poop), and no chip yet. I'm amazed, really!
The formula is fantastic, applied like butter, and two thin coats were enough. The only downside, if that, are the brush strokes. It didn't really bother me, but it might bother some.

Lovely, right?