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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Nails ♥


This is a VERY exciting post for me! I've tried to create Doctor Who nail arts before, NO LUCK! So I googled for some ideas, and I found some pretty good ones, so I just mixed it up a bit. I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, really! I'm completely obsessed with the show, I've re-watched it I don't kow how many times, and I'm more than anxious about the 50th years of DW episode and the Christmas special, cause the 8th season won't start until late next year, so yes, very anxious. 
Bad Wolf was a plot line on Doctor Who, I'm not gonna give you any spoilers, but it was one of the best plot lines on the show so far, totally mind blowing. Because of that I've been wanting to do something for that for a while. So just go watch Doctor Who, you won't regret.

Over some colors my white kinda disappear, as you can see lol
It's not the best nail art, but I'm in love :)