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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hits Twist

Hello, hello, hello ♥

I'm almost done with the opaque part of the collection. After this one I only have one more to go, and then I'll only have the flakies top coat, which I'm still thinking if I'll post each of them or all of them together.
I layered one coat of Twist over one coat of Impala Royal.
I'm gonna be honest here. I LOVE blue, every kind of blue, but I HATE royal blues. I love the color, I hate the formulas. They're all good, but they stain SO much. Royal pissed me off every time I couldn't apply it far from my cuticles, I would clean up and the damn thing stained it ¬ I was able to deal with it, and I had no problem with Twist, it applied nicely and didn't stain when it did get to my cuticles.
Twist have blue/green flakies on a royal blue jelly base.

It's very pretty, don't you think? ♥

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  1. sem duvida o meu preferido *.*
    é tao lindo